Melissa Beckwith is a true believer in “everything happens for a reason”. Three years after launching her jewelry line Missy & Me Design with her mom, this phrase began to have a much stronger meaning in her life. As did one simple yet beautiful word, Serendipity. Meaning finding something wonderful without looking for it. Melissa began to see the true beauty behind this happy occurrence. Given the opportunity of a lifetime, Melissa opened the doors at 23 Brown Street in Wickford, Rhode Island on April 1st, 2015 and found a new meaning to this date. Five years prior Melissa lost one of the most influential woman in her life, her grandmother Tillie. Melissa knows how proud Tillie would be and that she is watching over her, which is why Melissa chose a butterfly as her logo.

With time and change comes growth, just like a butterfly - Serendipity is so happy to announce that since first opening they've spread their wings and flown by moving the store up to the Main Street! You can now find Serendipity at our new location: 

3 Main Street, Wickford RI.  


One thing that has not, and will not change is Serendipity's

Love for LOCAL. 


Knowing how important it is as a local artisan herself to have a place for showcasing her work, Melissa wanted to create the same for other local artisans. As Melissa believes that is where the most one of a kind, finds comes from- handmade. That was exactly the atmosphere she wanted to create, a place for finding that "finishing touch" gift. Whether you are ready for a night out on the town but need that accessory to finish the look, a home decor piece for that special room or that unique gift for anyone on your list. Serendipity is the place to go! Melissa’s charming store will captivate shoppers of all walks. Her classy chic, yet everyday affordable style will keep shoppers coming back for more! Melissa is always incorporating new pieces and keeping the store fresh and full of excitement, consisting of all New England and Etsy Artist and their 

Handmade Artisan Goods!


Growing up and living in Wickford this was always her biggest dream- she's so excited to share that dream come to life- with you! 

Est. 2015